UCLA NPI/H Psychiatry Grand Rounds
1997 - 1998

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Experts from around the world have come to UCLA to speak on mental health and behavioral matters; now this experience can be shared with a broader audience over the world wide web. These digital archives contain the presentations made in the 1997 - 1998 series.

We provide weekly coverage of Grand Rounds with a live format as well as with our digitally archived materials (below).

UCLA Psychiatry Grand Rounds Series 1997-98
(The Full 1997-98 Grand Rounds Schedule is available online.)

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Anand Kumar MD
September 9th
Late Life Depression:
Neuroanatomical and Physiological Insights
Michael Green PhD
September 16th
Beyond the Symptoms of Schizophrenia: A Neurocognitive Perspective
John Piacentini PhD
September 23rd
Recent Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of Childhood OCD
Michael Thase, MD
September 30th
New Strategies for Treating Depression
Vamik Volkan MD
October 21st
The Unconscious Mind and Psychopathology:
The Role of Sibling Experiences
Demetrios Kyriacou MD MPH
October 28th
New Approaches to Gang Violence: A Socioeconomic Perspective
Allan Tasman MD
November 4th
The Future of Psychiatric Education
Dilip Jeste MD
November 11th
Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Turn 40:
Late Onset Schizophrenia
James Kennedy MD
November 18th
Molecular Genetic Investigation of
Schizophrenia and ADHD
Robert Michels MD
November 25th
The Role of Psychiatry in
the New Health Care System
Robert Liberman MD
December 2nd
Recovery from Schizophrenia:
Advances in Biobehavioral Treatment
and Rehabilitation
Michelle Craske PhD
December 9th
Cognitive Behavioral Approaches to
Panic Disorder and Nocturnal Panic
Bonnie Zima MD
December 16th
Mental Health Services for the Homeless:
What About the Children?
Ian Cook MD
January 6th
Neurophysiologic Prediction of
Antidepressant Treatment Response
Sanjaya Saxena MD
January 13th
Circuits and Symptoms: Functional Brain Imaging
in OCD and Depression
Pedro Delgado MD
January 20th
Neurobiology of Depression and
Antidepressant Action
Vivien Burt MD PhD
February 3rd
Depression in Women of Child-Bearing Age:
Assessment, Management, and Treatment Issues
Michael Smith MD
February 10th
Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medications
David Feinberg MD
February 17th
Adolescent Substance Abuse
Armando Morales DSW
February 24th
Understanding and Preventing Gang Homocide:
Applying a Psychosocial Intervention Model
(awaiting editing for confidentiality)
Park Dietz MD MPH PhD
March 3rd
The Insanity Trial of John DuPont
Michael Gitlin MD
March 10th
Syndromal and Functional Outcome in
Bipolar Disorder: Recent Data
David Sultzer MD
March 17th
Mental Health and Alzheimer's Disease
Robert Pasnau MD
March 24th
Psychiatric Aspects of
Kidney Transplantation and Donation
Andrew Leuchter MD
March 31st
Differential Therapeutic Responses
to Psychotropic Medication
Fawzy Fawzy MD
April 7th
Strategies for Cancer Care
Herbert Weiner MD Dr med
April 14th
Psychophysiology of the Somatoform Disorder
Peter Jensen MD
April 21st
Multimodal Study of
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
DP Devanand MD
April 28th
Psychiatric Symptoms and their Treatment
in Alzheimer's Disease
Nina Schooler, PhD
May 5th
Restitution after Decompensation
in Schizophrenia (video unavailable)
Thomas Newton MD
May 12th
Clinical Aspects of
Methamphetamine Dependence
David Rothman PhD
May 19th
Defining the Scope of Psychiatric Interventions:
Distinguishing between Cure and Enhancement
Jan Fawcett MD
June 9th
Managing Suicide Risk in
Bipolar and Unipolar Major Depression
Floyd Bloom MD
June 16th
Daniel X. Freeman Memorial Lecture:
Animal Models of NeuroAIDS

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