UCLA NPI/H Psychiatry Grand Rounds
1996 - 1997

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. Experts from around the world have come to UCLA to speak on mental health and behavioral matters; now this experience can be shared with a broader audience over the world wide web. These digital archives contain some of the presentations made in the 1996 - 1997 series; others will be added in the near future.

UCLA Psychiatry Grand Rounds Series 1996-97
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Hagop Akiskal MD
December 3, 1996
Dysthymia as a Temperamental Variant of Mood Disorder
Kay Jamison PhD
December 10, 1996
An Unquiet Mind: a Personal Account of Manic-Depressive Illness
Robert Edgerton PhD
January 14, 1997
What is the Role of Psychiatry in Solving Social Problems?
Peter Whybrow MD
January 21, 1997
Refractory Bipolar Disorder and Thyroid Hormone
Kenneth Wells MD MPH
March 25, 1997
Improving Managed Care: New Directions in Psychiatric Services
Steven Paul MD
June 3, 1997
New Drugs for Neuropsychiatric Disorders as We Approach the 21st Century: How We'll Find Them and What We Can Expect
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George Simpson MD
December 17, 1996
Treatment of Schizophrenia: 1956-1996

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